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We’ve all had that problem: we open our closets, stare at the mess inside and declare that we have “nothing to wear”. All it takes is a big wardrobe makeover. 2019’s biggest trends is all about being bold and making a statement. And there’s no better time to do that than in the summer, where you can display these spectacular fashion trends in full color.

During amazing days full of sun, you get a lot of opportunities to show off your new styles being out on vacation or having the time to go out with friends. Shed those uniform, subtle ready-to-wears, or your standard office getup. It’s time to bring in some daring, bold styles that are among the year’s biggest trends, as according to the fashion experts. We’ve got three of the best, boldest 2019 fashion trends to try right here:

Hippy Modernist Fashion Trend

SAA Jun 29 2019 hippy modernist fashion trend 1-3It looks like 2019 is the year of the throwbacks. We’re drawing inspiration from the striking styles of years past, but this particular one gets reinvented with the modern twist. The sun-kissed hippie looks of the 70s and 80s get revamped for a more contemporary crowd. Don’t let the neutral colors fool you: the so-called Neo Boho trend is about the pieces that go into the look. Using desert tones and “natural” materials, it’s all about feeling closer to nature while offering that modern bohemian look. And it’s also a wonderful opportunity to accessorize.

1. Joyce Castañer Canvas Espadrilles

Put the brown leather work flats away and slip on these beautiful espadrilles, with hemp rope wedge heels and a canvas pointed toe. The rope ties wind around your ankles and before you know it, you’re feeling like you’re taking a stroll over the sands. It’s casual without losing elegance and is some lovely vacation sandals to bring with you. You can keep them on your feet when you’re changing out of your casual look to something a bit dressier in the evening. Get them at Moda Operandi.

2. Eileen Fisher Women’s Silk Organza Slip Dress

One of the major parts of the hippie trend of the past is using desert tones, taking simple pieces and layering them over with riffs and fringes. That makes this organza slip dress, a contemporary take on the sack dress of the past, an absolute most-have. It’s made of light, comfortable material while providing that ideal canvas to layer on some fringes, beaded belts, and more. Pick it up at Saks Fifth Avenue.

3. Staud Moreau Macrame Leather Bag

It’s all about the accessories. The hippie style was personified by items that have beads, ropes, weaving—goods that give off the handmade vibe. This Staud Moreau gag has it all. It’s made of leather and covered with weaving, adorned by wood-brown beads in each joint. It’s a standout accessory that perfectly displays  the trend’s appeal and characteristics. Get it at Moda Operandi.

Statement Color Fashion Trends

SAA Jun 29 2019 statement color fashion trend 4-5This year’s fashion trends are defined by color, and it’s never more straightforward than statement colors. Gone are the days when a completely color-matched outfit is deemed passé or out of style. It’s time to bring in a bold use of color. Using the color wheel, color blocking, or using a single bright color for all the elements of a look is the new trend. The best thing about it is that this sort of style is best suited to blazers and tapered pants, which means that this style can spillover to your daily office wear too.

4. Elie Tahari Women’s Crepe Jacket

Let’s take a bright cherry red, a power color as an example of a statement color. This Elie Tahari jacket is the ideal bold business jacket for this style. It’s sleek, allows for great ease of movement, and perfect for layering with an equally red top. Remember to color match as closely as possible, creating a seamless solid color throughout the outfit. Get it at Saks Fifth Avenue.

5. Elie Tahari Marcia Crepe Tapered Ankle Pants

These Elie Tahari pants are the perfect match to the crepe jacket in terms of color, style, and material.  If possible, try to able to find bottoms within the same brand that match the color and style of your top, the outfit becomes even more seamless and cohesive as a solid block of bold color. Get the pants at Saks Fifth Avenue.

6. Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Heel

There’s no hard or fast rule when it comes to accessorizing in this style. In fact, the runway looks show models having color coordinating outfits but wear footwear (usually open sandals) that don’t match in color. So you can wear what makes you comfortable, but if you really want to match with style, these scarlet Stuart Weitzman should put it all together. Get it at Revolve.

Sweet Valley High 90s Fashion Trend

SAA Jun 29 2019 90s fashion trends 7-10The name is in reference the ubiquitous Sweet Valley book series (with various book series ranging from kid to young adult audiences), which was essentially called back to a pastel neon vision of 90s style. As one of the crowning trends of the throwback fashions for 2019, this 90s-inspired style brings back the denim jacket and bottoms of old. They’re often paired with bright, eye-catching tops, usually printed in fun and colorful patterns.

7. Levi’s Acid Wash Denim Bomber Jacket

Here’s a combination of the 90s style with the contemporary 2010s—a denim jacket, but in the bomber jacket style that has proliferated in the market today. They can be as plain denim as these from Levi’s but if you want to add to the look, you can add in pops of color to the jacket by way of some bright embroidered or sequined patches . Get the jacket at Bloomingdale’s.

8. Bally Oldani Hi-Top Sneaker

The gals who aren’t fond of running around in heels this summer are in luck: the hi-top sneakers of the 90s era is back. Comfortable, flexible, and easy to move around in, they’ll be an excellent addition to any casual look in the 90s wardrobe. This means plenty of attention to sneakers with the more traditional stripes on the sides, like this one from Oldani. Get it at Nordstrom Rack.

9. Alice+Olivia Oversized Tie Dye Tee

Again, bold colors in brilliant patterns have made a comeback for this fashion trend. This tie-dye tee brings back dreams of both the 80s vaporwave and the 90s all in one, and it’ll stand out very nicely beneath a plain denim jacket. Don’t forget to make the tee oversized—this style isn’t about restrictive, body hugging clothing after all; it just has to look stylishly disheveled. Get it at Saks Fifth Avenue.

10. Alexander Wang Nylon Denim Pants

These pants are peak 90s aesthetic to a tee: denim? Check. High waisted? Check. Long and baggy? Check. Nylon ties at the bottom? Extra check. You can move those mom jeans to the back of the wardrobe: these pants will transport you right back without compromising comfort and ease of movement. Get it at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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