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Photographs have been the undisputed method of choice for documenting special and important events since cameras were first invented. And even when we developed the ability to record moving pictures, we never really abandoned still photos. Today, August 19, is Photo Day/World Photography Day. Created in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara, this fun holiday celebrates the art and science of photography. It encourages everyone to grab their camera – whatever kind that may be, and take pictures to share with rest of the world. To commemorate Photo Day/World Photography Day, here are some delightful novelties that make thoughtful tokens for any camera buff, photographer, or hobbyist.

1. Camera Lens Mug

One thing any photographer covets is a good lens. They come at a price though, so if you can’t get them the real thing, at least you can give something that looks just like it that’s also useful. This camera lens tumbler is a replica of Canon’s EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM Lens. It can hold 400 ml/13.5oz when filled up, and 11oz when covered with the lid.  Made of food grade ABS plastic on the outside and extra-fine stainless steel inside, it can keep hot or cold beverages and comes with a handy stainless steel spoon. Available from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “It’s small & that’s perfect for me! It keeps my drinks hot for several hours & cool for just as long. Its steel coated interior is stainless & cleans up very easily. The lid is a screw top with a secure anti-leak seal and the top opens and closes with a secure snap! I haven’t had any issues with leakage, unless I’m shaking it… oh and it comes with a super cute small spoon, what a nice surprise!” – K_Scofield

2. Vintage Camera Bookends

Here’s something to help the photographer or hobbyist keep albums and photobooks neatly arranged on a shelf or counter. Crafted from a 50-50 blend of polyresin and stone powder to ensure durability, these vintage camera bookends also feature a discreet container for storing small items like trinkets. Order from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “Stylish and functional! I love these bookends. They are very heavy and one even has a secret compartment that opens up to a felt interior. It’s where I keep my tiny secret stash of candy that my kids have yet to find!” – Heather

3. F-Stop Watch

Time is important for any photographer. Whether they’re hobbyists, amateurs, or professionals, photographers need to be conscious of time. They require time to set up for shoots in order to scout the place, check the light, and find the right spots for their shots. This F-Stop watch is a fun and fitting token for any photog. Inspired by one of the three most important settings in photography, it features a 35mm diameter face, genuine leather band, and Japanese quartz movement. Packaged in an attractive tin case, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Get it from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “Fun addition to any photographer’s wardrobe. Watch looks great, was a little small fitting for myself, had to replace the band for a longer one. But feels and looks like a quality piece. Time is easy to read.” – Lily Lakeland

4. Camera Pendant Necklace

Here’s something nice for female camera buffs – a dainty stainless steel necklace featuring a charming camera pendant made of high quality pewter. Adjustable from 16 to 18 cm in length, it’s packaged with a card bearing this inspirational quote: “Life is like a camera. FOCUS on what is important. CAPTURE the good times. DEVELOP from the negatives. And if things don’t work out, take another SHOT.” Order from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “Got this as an early Christmas gift for my friend. The chain and charm pendant were presented [in] a nostalgic looking envelope. The charm was tiny and cute just like in the photos. Had ample space for me to write a long message to my friend. She simply loved it. An excellent gift for photography enthusiasts.” – Babygorilla13

5. Fun Film Canister Toilet Paper

This film canister is sure to be a conversation piece in any photog’s home or office. Imagine visitors having to dispense some loo roll from this HDE camera film roll holder – it’s guaranteed to bring lots of fun and laughter. Simply hook it up on the wall, remove the top, and insert a regular roll of tissue then feed it through the opening down the side. A cool and quirky novelty great for adding thematic interest in any space. Available from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “Bought this as a gift for a friend who is a photographer and my mentor. It’s really cute, and I know it will be worth a laugh. Even if he doesn’t use it as a roll holder, I know it will make a great conversation piece for his enjoyment. As a photographer myself, I plan to get one for fun too. I think it might be good for storing rolls of exposed film until you get enough to develop. I put a couple of other photographer knick knacks to put in the canister.” – Kimmi the Engineer

1. Vintage Camera Desktop Organizer

Here’s a cute, practical, and inexpensive desk organizer perfect for photographers. It is made of heavy and durable coated cardboard pieces which are easily punched out and assembled without need of glue or scissors. Get it on Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “Absolutely adorable! I am a photographer and I have been looking for something cute to put on my desk. I was skeptical because the reviews mentioned that the camera was made out cardboard. I loved the look so much that I didn’t care and bought it. I am so happy with my purchase. The vintage camera is made out of GOOD HEAVY cardboard material and very easy to put together. I just love how it looks so artsy and vintage. It looks lovely on my new desk stand. My coworkers love it and can’t believe it is made out of cardboard.” – Anita N.

2. KODAK Scanza Digital Film and Slide Scanner

Here’s something many of us (even non-photographers) would love to have – a handy device for scanning film negatives and slides and saving them digitally. This scanner is the perfect tool for ensuring our old film photos will be kept safely against degradation over time. Equipped with a 14 megapixel camera, it takes a snapshot of a film negative or slide and digitizes it in just seconds. Do note however, that it only scans previously developed film – not raw ones, nor actual printed pictures. Also, it only converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8, and 8mm slides and negatives. Get it from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “This new product from Kodak is amazing… Scanning of negatives and slides is a very easy and hassle free. I have used higher end scanners and it was always a very tedious process. After scanning my images and uploading them into my computer I am getting results that are as good as the medium resolution scans that I was getting here in LA at the professional labs. Which by the way are about $25.00 bucks per roll. This will be a huge savings for anyone who is shooting 35mm slide or negative film.” – Amazon Customer

3. Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Skin

Very few photos come straight out of the box exactly as we want them to, which is why all serious photographers use editing software at one point or another. And that’s where this next item comes in handy. This is every photog’s ally when using one of the most popular editing tools around. This silicone skin features useful keyboard shortcuts to help cut down editing time, which is particularly crucial when faced with thousands of images that need post-processing. Compatible with a variety of MacBook models, it’s available from Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “This computer skin is great! It’s silky smooth and I love the way it feels. It definitely took a little bit of time looking for the keyboard shortcuts at first (less time than looking at the internet for every shortcut I wanted though). Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that I dont need to look nearly as much, but I left it on my computer because I love the way it feels. Doesn’t slip or slide, doesn’t get sticky, and makes cleaning up my keyboard super easy and quick. Love this thing.” – K. Cook

4. Go All Out Adult Shoot Manual T-Shirt

This shirt is a practical gift for any camera buff. It’s useful not just in the obvious sense of adding to one’s wardrobe, but it also promotes manual shooting mode which is what serious photographers use.  With a dozen bold colors to choose from, including red, gold, royal blue, and purple, it’s available from small to 5XL on Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “I bought this for my husband, who is an avid amateur photographer. He got it immediately, but it’s been fun to see who gets it and who needs an explanation. We’ve had several ‘I knew that looked familiar but couldn’t place it’ type comments.

 Well-constructed shirt with a great graphic. The white and red are great against the black. This is now his favorite t-shirt.” – Lisa Reid

5. Camera Mode Dial Cufflinks

These cufflinks would look great on any photographer covering a wedding or other such formal event. Approximately ¾ of an inch in diameter, they have a gunmetal plated base, a metal bullet back closure, and come packaged in a limited edition collectors storage box. Available on Amazon.

Buyer’s Review: “Perfect. These are just what I was looking for. I’m a wedding photographer, and when I wear a tux to a gig, what better way to look sophisticated than having these on. Great conversation starter. Even if you wear them when not working, it’s a great way to wear your job on your sleeve ;). These are also very well made.” – Mitchell M

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